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League Info
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Season Sponsors

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League Format

6 Qualifier Rounds → Semifinals → Grand Finals

- Friend Room Lobbies

- 150cc

- Normal Items

- Hard CPUs

- 24 Races

Top 4 from each qualifier round advance. Advancing players chosen equally from each lobby (if 2 lobbies, top 2 from each lobby advance, etc.)

About MK League

Show your racing skills in our 6th season of competitive Mario Kart 8 Deluxe racing! This league is perfect for both competitive and new Mario Kart players! Learn from some of the best MK players in the world in a friendly environment.

League is organized through the PLAYEX DISCORD.

We're excited to welcome players back!

Qualifier Prizes

Cash Prize Pool

75% of all registration entry fees

Top 4 players from each qualifier split the prize pool.

League Prizes

Prizes provided by our Sponsors

Entry Fees

$9.99 per Qualifier, or $49.99 for all 6 Qualfiers

League Schedule

November 12 @ 4pm EST

December 10 @ 4pm EST

January 14 @ 4pm EST

February 11 @ 4pm EST

March 11 @ 4pm EST

April 15 @ 4pm EST

League Format


6 Qualifier Rounds (weeks 1-6) | Top 4 from each qualifier advance to playoffs

If repeat players appear in the top 2 each week, the 3rd place player will advance, etc.

Points are cumulative each week.

Qualifier Rules:

24 Races - 150cc - Friend Room Lobbies (players evenly divided) - Random Lobby Assignments

Semifinals (week 7) | 36 racers - top 4 from each qualifier, remaining 12 slots filled from top 12 scoring players at end of qualifiers that have not already qualified. Top 12 scoring players advance to finals.

Semifinals Rules:

24 Races - 150cc - 3 Friend Room Lobbies (snake seeding based on final qualifier scores)

Grand Finals (week 8) | 12 racers - top half of playoffs. Final placement determined by cumulative score from finals races.

Finals Rules:

24 Races - 150cc - 1 FR Lobby

General Rules


  • 150cc speed setting

  • Lobby hosts must have a stable internet connection

  • Hard CPUs (in the event of a disconnection, the cpu replacing the player's points will be counted until the player reconnects to the lobby

  • Normal Items

  • All vehicles, gliders, and characters allowed

  • Smart steering is allowed

  • Lobby hosts are responsible for sending scores to tournament operator (a screenshot is fine; include CPU points if needed)

  • Track Repicks: repicking a track will result in a 10pt penalty if the repicked track is selected in roulette (if choosing random results in a repick, the penalty is not applied). Manually repicking a track that was selected by choosing random will apply the penalty.