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Production Hardware

PlayEX is now offering custom-built live streaming and broadcast computer hardware solutions, perfect for esports, live sports, concerts, and more.

All of our systems are custom built using off the shelf, industry-standard hardware making upgrades and modifications easy for the consumer.

Our broadcast stations are equipped with multi-channel capture and playback hardware allowing you to capture and switch between up to 32 inputs.

Your software switcher choice is up to you - including free options like Open Broadcaster Software, all the way up to premium solutions like Wirecast and vMix.

Plus, you can attach any control surfaces you want including gear like Elgato Stream Decks, X-Keys, Macro Keyboards, and more. This is a computer - you can customize it how you like!



3G-SDI SYSTEMS (up to 1080p60):

BASIC: 4, 3G-SDI channels (interchangeable between inputs and outputs*)

ADVANCED: 8, 3G-SDI channels (interchangeable between inputs and outputs*)

PRO: 16, 3G-SDI channels (interchangeable between inputs and outputs*)

EXTREME: 32, 3G-SDI channels (interchangeable between inputs and outputs*)

HDMI SYSTEMS (up to 1080p60):

BASIC: 4 HDMI input channels, 1 hardware output channel

ADVANCED: 8 HDMI channels, 1 hardware output channel

PRO: 12 HDMI channels, 1 hardware output channel

*In our systems, each SDI video connector can be configured in software to be an input, or a hardware output to drive projectors, TVs, digital signage, etc.

For HDMI systems, each system includes 1 hardware output.


CHASSIS: By default, all systems come in an ATX-style desktop tower configuration. On request, we can accommodate rack-mount options with a 4U chassis.

COMPONENT SELECTION: Our systems are designed to perform well - with nearly a decade of PC building experience, we've configured all systems to perform as expected. If you have special requests for your system, let us know. Special requests include additional storage space, upgraded networking, faster processors, etc. By default, all of our systems include 2 terabytes of PCI-express, NVMe solid-state storage, 64 gigabytes of memory, an NVIDIA graphics card supporting the NVENC encoder for accelerated H.264 and HEVC encoding for streaming and local recording, an 80+ Gold power supply from EVGA, extremely quiet and efficient air cooling from Noctua, and a premium case with airflow from Corsair.


All of our systems will be pre-loaded with Windows 11 Pro and appropriate drivers. You are more than welcome to change your operating system and drivers as you wish, but we cannot guarantee compatibility with other operating systems.

For livestreaming and recording, we recommend the free and open-source Open Broadcaster Software as a great way to get started. However, if you need a more premium solution, our systems support both Wirecast and vMix.

All systems have hardware inputs and outputs, but also support network-based inputs including NewTek NDI-equipped cameras and encoders.



4, 3G-SDI Channels (input/output)

Intel 12th gen Core i5 Processor

64GB DDR5 memory



750w Power Supply



4 HDMI Inputs - 1 HDMI Output

Intel 12th gen Core i5 Processor

64GB DDR5 memory



750w Power Supply


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